Lissadell Brochures

NEW from the Lissadell Collection, never before published the prison poetry & sketches of Countess Markievicz. Imprisoned many times during the years of Rebellion and Civil War, 1916- 1923, Countess Markievicz expressed her anger, despair,loneliness and hope in poetry and in drawings scribbled on scraps of paper smuggled out of her prison cells. 
ALSO from the Lissadell Collection, Eva Gore-Booth Her Poetry & Sketches. Her friend W.B. Yeats often reviewed Eva’s poetry and advised her to “Keep before you the idea of doing a little delicate book of lyrics that nobody will know whether to call romantic or religious”. 
The price of the brochures are €12 euro each or two for €20 euro plus postage. 
If you would like to purchase a brochure please contact us at Lissadell : +353 (0) 71 9163150

Some Pages from the Countess Markiviecz Brochure

Some Pages from the Eva Gore – Booth Brochure