The Restoration of Lissadell after 50 years of neglect – a Pictorial Record

The Coach House & Riding Arena undergoing restoration

After restoration the main walkway has been paved, and the cobbled strip by the stables (to the right of the courtyard as you enter) had been uncovered.


18th century Alpine Garden undergoing restoration

The 18th century ponds in the Alpine Garden

The Head Gardener’s House

This was so completely overgrown that it had been long forgotten by December 2003. It was a stunning discovery

The Billiards Room

The Porte Cochere

The Basement Corridor

Before and after restoration.

Basement Back Stairs

The Ante Room


Driveway to the couch house

Servants Hall

The Wine Cellar

The Forge

The Pump House

The Blake’s Hydram pump system was installed in Lissadell Estate in the 1860’s and operated for over 100 years, Until the 1970’s, after which it was neglected and fell into disrepair. It has now been completely restored.